Making checkpoints is NOT the same as “burning the bridges”..
It is about self-preservation first- which is natural, when welcoming messes, protecting them, nurturing and treating them as- or even better- than your own people, leads to your landing in a mess yourself.
You learn from the mistake- of trusting the state of plight as a certificate of trustworthiness. You learn- the hard way- that people in pain themselves can also wreck havoc upon those who want nothing but the alleviating of their pain. As you kneel before the ruins that were one your Sancta Sanctorum, shared with the “visitors” in hope that they’ll treat it well at least, if not treat it as home, you remember the signs- of deviousness, that you thought was “trying to recover from the past”, the lack of consistency between words and actions, that you forgave and didn’t even think about at the time; you think of all those signs, that they were not what they claimed to be, that you ignored..
Yet, you forgive- because somewhere down the line, you *know* that they’re important, so you try to look past it, bury your pain and anger, and try to find a way to reconcile.. But that DOES NOT mean that you forget.. You can never forget, you can never give a clean slate- without RE-establishing the trust first.. It’s just not possible- to let go of that trauma, that you went through, that you suffered needlessly, your only fault being trust and generosity.. You learned the true value of yourself, and the importance of having your own back sometimes, before of those to whom you owe nothing..
It’s NOT burning the bridges- it’s just closing them to those who can’t guarantee loyalty..