Reading the “Legacy” section of Sourav Ganguly Official’s Wikipedia page..
Since the release of MSD’s biopic, and trending of Ganguly’s supposed one dialogue in the movie “Dhoni ko try karte hain”, I’ve seen and heard a LOT of arguments- actually challenges- to the assertion that Ganguly was a better captain and a greater leader, despite not having won any “big trophies”, and nearly all of his captaincy records now busted by MSD, in his nearly a decade’s captaincy-stint.
To all such people, I request to read this- the Legacy section of Ganguly’s Wikipedia page– just once. And think about it.
And while you are at it, look up the Wikipedia pages of all the other competitors of Ganguly- MSD, Kapil Dev, Azhar– for the title of “best Indian Captain till date”. you’ll find none of them having a ‘legacy’ section- not just by name, but by meaning as well. none of them have left legacies.
Yes, they all indeed achieved A LOT in their time, but what about after? What are they going to be remembered for?? Trophies come and go- CT was once even more prestigious than WC, but today struggles to survive, thanks to IPL and T20. ODI, in itself, faces a more acute danger of extinction than tests!
Stats are always replaced, records are made to be broken, but when you create something of value- out of nothing- your name is etched in stone.
Leaving behind a legacy, to me, is a far greater achievement than a shelf full of trophies..