I saw your facebook; saw your smile. You did look good in that dupatta on your head, and that (dimply) smile, and the half-hidden face; you do look perfect– just the way my “Honey” ought to have looked. How I wished to be the reason behind such smile of yours; to see you smile like that in front of me- for me, for us!!


Anyway, the gleam in your eyes, the perfect finish you gave to the editing (I could never understand why you needed to hide those trifles!! They humanize your beauty, and there’s nothing more beautiful in vast this universe than a perfect-in-your-flaws you!!)- the amount of effort you had put into that nail paint- are evidence enough of how happy you are!! The smallest, coy smile dangling just out, from your perfectly sculpted lips (perhaps you never had any idea how much I wanted to kiss them, to feel their softness seep a bit in mine!! But then perhaps you did- perhaps that’s why you always remained aloof, even during the briefest time that we were “together”!!): they’re all a sign of how happy you are..

Chalo, ye bhi sahi hi hai!! At least one of us got to be happy- that’s all I wanted, at one point of time, remember?? It’s a trifle, I suppose, that the other had to be doomed into the unsurmountable depths of hell for that to happen!!

I suppose you’re home now- judging by not only your dupatta (I still remember how you used to make a face when the mention of wearing traditional dresses came!! Your upper lip curled upward- like a cute, baby pig- and your eyebrows scrunched, narrowing your eyes so much that they became mere slits! Do you still make that face whenever you don’t like anything?? I suppose you do!!) but also by the happiness and gleam in your eyes- is it your brother clicking the photo?? With your phone?? I suppose so!!


Or have you finally found the one– for whom you can find true love- the desire to be with, to belong to, someone- in your heart??

*A long sigh.. wistful..*

I also found one such the one– you, “Honey”!!

I don’t know whether to bless you- to get all the happiness, which I both wanted to bring to you, and get from you- or to curse you, hate you- to lose it all, just the way you stol
e my “Honey” from me!!

I can’t do either, I can’t do both, I can’t do neither!!

I just know that I love you- and I wish we had a way back together!!

Yours forever



PS: What an irony!! Not knowingly, I used your name 4 times!! (Your number, for me!! Remember?? Another sign, for me, that we do belong together!!) Don’t worry! I’ve replaced it with “Honey”!