Most of the honest reviews of this book would start with how is it similar to Rashmi Bansal’s meta-biographical bestseller, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

I, however, would like to start with how is it not; what are the differences between the two. The judgement- to each, his own- as to which one is ‘better’, shall bPrachi-Garg-Superwomen-Book.jpge left to those who have read both.


Firstly, this book covers entrepreneurs from a much diverse academic background than “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”- not just PGDM-holders form the IIM-A, but artists, CAs, housewives, fashion students etc.

Secondly, while the people in “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” do stray away from the beaten ‘path’ of lucrative jobs, but the businesses/ventures they established weren
’t that off-beat or diverse as the ones here.

Here, you would find a lingerie portal, an astrological services website, NGOs and organizations for suicidal people and acid-attack victims, a store for “quirky” décor and a happy-go-lucky freelance illustration artist, along side many more


Coming to the book itself, it does follow a ‘formula’, to dig out the story of the featured women- but surprisingly, instead of taking away, it adds to the quality and ‘tethering’ quality of the book, something non-fictions have a hard time inculcating. The following of a pattern, starting with picture and single-sentenced blurb of the ‘super woman’ and her work, followed by a quick background and how they managed to end up end up in the line of work they’re in. The hardships that they faced, the challenges that hurdled them- for being a woman, for taking the un-tread road, by the “vanilla mindset” of the society that we are, in India; the list is endless, but you keep falling in- sucked by the gravitational pull of the author’s penmanship!


All-in-all, it’s a good read, if you are looking for an inspirational non-fiction, stylized as a commercial fiction memoir!


My take:

DO READ: If you liked Rashmi Bansal’s “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, and are craving for more inspiration, more drive, and more illustrations of what gritted teeth could do in the world!

DON’T READ: If you’re hoping that any of them might give away their ‘trade secrets’- nobody does that, not anymore!!