I Still Think About You !

Although we talk no more
And behave stranger than strangers
My heart can’t help but cry out for you
For I still think about you!

I can go places and not find peace
With heart pegged to the core
For even if you don’t love, don’t care
I still think about you!

We avoid every encounter
And speak through gritted teeth
But just under the skin, the heart still bleeds
Because I still think about you!


The stories that we spun together
The moments that I thought were just “our special”
You did live them with others but I still cannot
For I still think about you!



Though the love that “we” shared
Was in fact all mine
But the stabbing memories still manage to make the heart smile
As I still think about you!
I don’t know if it is love
Or am I obsessed and just won’t give up
But nothing can change one eternal truth
That I do still, and always will, think about you!

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