Days are easy to get through: the hectic hustle-bustle, activity, bickering, ranting, sleeping!
Hardest is the silence of night, the limbo while traveling closely at its heels!

Occupied and busy, it’s easy to pretend that you’re over someone, or are making a good progress!
But in the smallest of caesurae between two ‘jobs’, in the most small intervals like while looking up after washing the face, as you look up into the mirror, the realization hits!
The sense of loss consumes you, silence engulfs and breathing once again becomes the hardest thing ever to do!
There’s only so many times you can fool yourself, repeating the cut-and-dried consolations of “It wasn’t meant to be”, “something better WILL turn up”, and the most fably one, “I’m better off without..”.

But as you stare into the mirror, tracing the water droplet on your own face the way you once wanted to do on theirs, you know it’s all a sham, a lie you keep on repeating to yourself, hoping that someday your heart would buy it, even though you yourself know that it wouldn’t!