“Moving on”! “Getting Detached”! @whose cost?

It’s easy to ‘rise up’ in life when you are standing over people- the corpses of sacrifices others made, for your dreams, for your rising! “Moving on” is not just easy, but also definitely luring, when

the alternative is to face retribution for having used others to achieve your own ends; to face your own ugliness and see how not-so-different you are from the people you have hated!
New-Age spirituality, anyone?

In the world of skewed relationships, self-centered thinking and disappearing, wispy commitments, the ‘easy-way-out’ is fast becoming the ‘trend’ in psychology and spirituality all around.. People, now, come pre-loaded with the advice of “just forget about it and move on”, without even listening to the story- not an iota of interest in determination of the guilty one! And who would risk doing that, when the word ‘judging’ has become such a taboo all around?
A girl uses her boyfriend like a doormat and later leaves him alone to bleed, but “Hey! Let’s not judge her! Let’s-not-fucking-be-judgmental, because she’s our friend and we need to turn a blind eye to whatever harm she does to anyone!”
A boy abuses his friends, bullies the juniors and bruises egos of introverts around for no reason at all, but “Let’s not jump to conclusions and be all judgmental! Let’s not call him a useless blotch on the society! He’s our bro, and that means we support him in diminishing the quality of the world we live in, because that’s what friends do!”

Nobody has any more will to even tell people that they’re wrong, let alone leave the side of the wrongdoer.. The concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, sin and morality mean nothing to people today, because that’s what is more convenient- not defining right and wrong leaves a much wider room for easy choices, isn’t it??
When nothing is wrong to you- cheating on, using, lying, hurting- you don’t need to abstain from anything that furthers your interests, without even a conscience pricking, because any sound conscience would’ve long ago committed suicide, after seeing such loose morals and character!
And that’s what passes off as ‘spirituality’ nowadays- advancing yourself at the cost of duping, using, and then dumping into pits, others!

Man had always been, and would always be, a sinner. He kept on committing mistakes, and hurting others around himself! And that hasn’t changed one bit! What’s changed is the advice he received afterwards! Saints and Gurus of yesterday shamed him for it, condemned and made him go through the same pain that he inflicted on the other. They criticized, judged, and atoned him only after having suffered for his sin! This not only actually enriched the sinner’s soul, but also satiated the pain of the victim as well, having seen the justice actually delivered!
But now, the focus has shifted- the ‘Gurus’ now rush to the side of the victimizer first! They are in a greater hurry to forgive him than to check upon the ones actually hurt. They “never judge the sinner”, trying to understand his viewpoint is the foremost important thing. Making sure that the sinner forgives himself and moves on, without facing any retribution or pain, is the life’s mission of the new Gurus.
And, if by mistake, they do come across a victim, all they have to say to them is, “forget, and forgive!” Rubbing the salt on the yet-open, and now gangrened, wound, they narrate the tales of how wonderfully happy is the one who destroyed the life of the victim, after he ‘forgave himself’- as if that was the hardest thing to do, for a selfish, cold-hearted person!

The New-Age spirituality’s blurring of lines, and promotion of gray, has little- or probably nothing- to do with actual spiritual illumination. It is just a sick mentality that is seeking to equate the sinner and the sinned-upon, the victimizer and the victim. It is seeking to create a society where the hurt people would actually be afraid to open up to others, lest they be the ones judged ‘spiritually backward’ and “vengeful”, “stuck-up, stupid idiots” for seeking a justice that would soothe their hurt souls!
Deriving its prophets and Gurus from the erstwhile, and probably continuing, for all we know, sinners and victimizers themselves, this new spirituality is absolute shit!
If, as a society, we let this thinking stay, a day would come when the families would be torn asunder, nobody would trust anybody, love, loyalty and commitment would actually become a joke, and we would be no better than animals and robots!