Mrinaal Prem Swarroop Srivastava
Mrinaal is an author, a story-writer, poet, lyricist- basically he loves to pen down anything and everything that crosses his mind. He has previously been writing for magazines and newspapers like Suman Saurabh, Jansandesh Times etc., apart from writing for school and college magazines and on his own Facebook blog. He’s doing his graduation in engineering.
Tracing back his roots to Allahabad and Jaunpur, the voracious reader is always on a lookout for new people to argue about things.
With avid interest in occult arts, Indian mythology, superheroes and discussions on politics, Theology and Philosophy, he can be reached at Prince (C)Harming is the debut novel of this twenty-two-year-old philosopher-at-heart.
Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet never wrote for anybody else except her own self- before she came up with the idea of this novel. An almost-ready Aerospace engineer, she loves reading at her own pace and leisure.
Hailing from a nondescript village of Punjab, she enjoys endless dancing more than anything else.


At twenty-one, Prince (C)Harming is her debut novel as well.