Dated March 6th, 2015
Whoever thought that the simplest things in life lift the spirits in the weirdest manner possible? None of us hardly ever know how much can we get hurt by simplest things- things that our heart, deep inside, knows to be true, but often choose to ignore, pushing it back, simply because it’s easier that way, rather than trying to accept the pain.
I dunno why people say owing up our responsibility for things gone wrong helps. I’ve tried it, am still at it, and have fared off worse, to say the least. Even though you do acknowledge putting all your eggs in a wrong basket, the heart never lies. It whisperingly reminds you, that you knew all this back then as well. Then why lament now, if the cup of poison was willingly chosen to be bought to the lips! But the same heart whispers again, this time reminding itself more than you, that what it hoped for was to be wrong at that time. But alas, it wasn’t! Funny, isn’t it? The moments when you wish to be never more wrong before- when you beg the universe, to make sure your calculations have been horribly wrong, lest your life would be- it’s those very moments that you are most right in your life.
And you don’t even know whether to laugh- at being right about it all along, even though you wished otherwise with every heartbeat you have got- or to cry- since you never wished to more mistaken and blunderous.
Sometimes, we don’t even know whether we are supposed to be happy, or sad, due to a certain something. You just know that you can’t live without it, no matter how addictive or depressing it is. Sometimes, there’s no joy; we just gotta choose between two ways of getting miserable- by letting it go, or by holding on to it and suffering.
Everybody says joys and sorrows are both parts of our lives, and accepting one inadvertently leads to the introduction of another. As if we have a choice… What if somebody wishes to choose none, wanting to be done with joys, to escape the pain of sorrows! Is it possible to do it? If not, why the pretence of choice?
Why the hell are we hell-bent to make everything look like a by-product of our will and choices? Can’t it be possible that we may not be, actually, having any choice at all? That when the veil finally gets unveiled, it might be the case that the course of the river of time was a set one all along?