What kind of a world are we living in?
Man is evolving, societies are changing- but for better? I’m not so sure.
All around myself, I see moral depreciation, degradation and celebration of the same!
Honesty, loyalty, commitment, simplicity, trust (and its worthiness), hard work- not only are these becoming more and more ‘old-schooled’ and ‘retrograde’ values, but people adhering by them are actually getting nothing but sufferings in return.
The ‘good guys’ and ‘good girls’ are turning out to be the most (mostly the only) suffering people, who gain nothing and lose everything in the end- in real life as well as fiction.
But is it really the direction we want to head in- as individuals as well as a society? Is that the legacy we wish to leave for those who are yet to come? To thieve, lie, steal, cheat and then run away from the responsibility and owing up? Because being good means nothing to this world?
I’ve been reading ‘best sellers’ for some time- Indian as well as those of foreign authors. And, with a disturbingly high frequency, the most-loved books have one common element in their plot- the fickle, disloyal, cheating character always ‘wins’ in the end. They emotionally, and often physically as well as in the materialistic sense too, exploit the loyal, faithful, committed ones, and get away with it. First they ‘fall in love’, make the other one commit and emotionally invest their everything, and then ‘fall out of love’. Without missing a beat or regretting or repenting for their actions, even for a single moment, they say ‘Sorry’, wish the other one ‘all the best for finding real, true love’ and ‘move on’. So what if they meant the world for the other person, that the other person would be shattered and will never be able to love again? It’s not their problem! All that matters to them is their own happiness!
But what really disturbs me is not the existence of such people, but the hailing that they receive. Not only most authors treat them as ‘heroes (or heroines)’ of their love-stories, but they also receive a treatment of sympathy and understanding as well! Dear authors and publishers, do you have any fucking idea of torment do the ‘good guys (and girls)’ undergo on reading such books? Does nothing else matter to you- apart from topping the bestseller charts, squeezing maximum profits and minting dollars?
Actually, why blame authors and publishers only? Authors write whatever is happening around, WHAT WE DO. And publishers publish WHAT WE WANT TO READ, WHATEVER WE TURN INTO BESTSELLERS!
We! The everyday people!
Is this the world that we want to live in? Where nobody can trust anybody? Where love is nothing but libido? Where the commitment to stay together gets busted with no reason! And where people doing such things, ruining lives, the cause of spiling of innocent tears, are accepted in the society just like that?
In that case, how exactly are we better than animals- who exist only to eat, sleep and have sex?
Actually, in this sense, even animals are better than us! At least they make no false promises of staying together, just to get sex! They go their separate ways right after ‘having fun’. And which do stay, do so for ever- till death does them part. Swan is one such animal, I heard, and penguin another!
If commitment, honoring love by loving back, staying together, and owing up responsibility mean nothing; of what use are family, marriage and love? Wouldn’t it be better to have a society where people come together only when they want to have sex, and go away immediately? Wouldn’t a ‘no family’ be better than a torn family? Wouldn’t it be better to be heartless society, than a one which celebrates breaking hearts?
Think, people! Think!